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Everything you have to know about the Denver Film Festival

Denver Film Festival

The subject of our article might seem random, but it is no coincidence that we are writing about the Denver Film Festival right now. You can familiarize yourself with the history of the festival and we will uncover how we got in to the event.

First you have to know that my mother has two sons. The successful son and me. So, the successful son lives in America, Denver, to be precise, and he invited me to spend two weeks there. And the film festival is happening exactly when I am there. Since he is a good brother and he knows that I am over the moon when I hear about these events, he even drew my attention to it. Also, I have to thank the Denver Film Society for the tickets.

We can’t miss an opportunity like this. I will write write reviews on as many movies as possible – depends on how many I can watch while I’m there –, but you can find a bunch of other interesting trivia on our website and Facebook page from the 1st of November, because according to the plan (given there’s free WiFi on site) I will be streaming live from the big opening. Of course you will find material on the other events of the festival.

The festival has been organized every year since 1978 by Colorado’s only nonprofit organisation that is dedicated to tie the members and audience for life with knowing and understanding the movie culture. Initially the festival wasn’t held in Denver Film Society’s own building, but for 7 years now the Sie FilmCenter has been providing the venue for the film festival. Since then they have been playing more than 600 movies per year with a weekly programme. We have to admit that this number is quite impressive.

As it usually happens at film festivals, the best productions are awarded. The most important of all is the Krzysztof Kieślowski Award, which goes to the best feature film, but the Maysles Brothers Award is worth mentioning, too, which goes to the best documentary.

During the 12 days of the festival they are screening 250 films, which include blockbusters, foreign movies, documentaries, short films and independent features as well.

One of the well known movies, which the Hungarian audience is looking for, is Molly’s Game. The film tells the true story of Molly Bloom, with Jessica Chastain in the leading role. Of course there will be several other films that are worth the time, we will provide you with the list later.

Our editors are very excited about the first weeks of November, and of course we are a little scared of the experience we are about to dive into. You can absolutely visit the festival if your wallet is full. Sure, the movie packages they offer are not bad at all (the 15-movie-pack costs around 3000 forints), but you also have to travel to the USA, which is a little bit more expensive.

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